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my imperfection,
is my perfection.
so i'm sitting here in my cube at the jay-oh-bee....feeling so bad for this customer. she was sobbing in my ears..she had OVER a stack in overdraft fees...she's got 2 very small children...her husband is very sick & her brother is dying of cancer. the most i could reverse for her is $66 which is 2 fees. its sooooo frustrating when its a situation like that cus i know the way the bank posts is to get more fees....but i have to pretend daily its not and sometimes have to even tell people its not. banks blow...go to a credit union.
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headphones: tupac - my block.

the night before last i was doing an image search on google for "j. dilla". on about the 3rd or 4th page in, i saw a piece of my artwork. i wasn't too shocked when i saw it, becus i figured it was something i uploaded. i looked at the website listed below it and i have definetly never posted anything on www.mtv.de. so i click on the picture and sure enough, my artwork (with my logo watermark cropped out to the best of their ability) was posted up in hip hop news on mtv.de. at first i was geeked, then i got pissed. had they contacted me and said, "hey, we like this piece. we want to use it" i would've been all for it had they just credited me underneath the picture. i contacted mtv yesterday and this lady had me email her a direct link to the site and 2 screenshots. she asked for my patience and said that sometimes things like this can take a little while. that was at like 5.30pm yesterday, and i get an email from them this morning at 7.30am.

Hi Stephanie,

We are very sorry! One of our freelancers is responsible for this mistake. The picture has been replaced. Sorry once again and thank you for making us aware of the problem!

Kind Regards from Berlin

the whole thing was just crazy to me, and pissed me off. just think of how many people this happens to on a daily basis and they don't even know about it. i thought about it all day yesterday. it wasn't a huge issue, just annoying as fuck.

click for larger images.

you might recognize the work from this recent post:

headphones: lupe fiasco - kick, push prt II.

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friends only, it's locked up.
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